Caspar Lee Just Hit 6 MILLION Subscribers

20 April 2016, 15:08 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Our smol bean is all grown up!

Back in 2011, an unheard of British-born South African young man signed up for YouTube and started on the greatest journey of his entire life. His name was, of course, Caspar Lee and as of the 19th of April 2016 he has reached 6 MILLION YouTube subscribers - making him (at the time of writing) the 152nd most subscribed YouTube channel in the entire world. So, in honour of his massive achievement, let's take a look back on exactly why Caspar is one of the greatest YouTubers in 2016.

In a video titled 'My Secret', Caspar first revealed that when he was six years old, he was diagnosed with Tourettes and used this particular video to raise awareness and understanding for the condition - but it 100% has not held him back from his dreams. Thanks to his close friendship with other YouTubers such as Zoe Sugg and Oli White PLUS his crazy hook-up with A-List celebrities such as Maisie Williams and Kevin Hart, it was clear from the off that Caspar was destined to be famous one day.

Due to the huge success of Caspar's channel, he was noticed by the BBC and was able to create a documentary with his best friend and heterosexual lifemate Joe Sugg where they travelled 1000 miles around the world - you should all know by now that it was called Joe And Caspar Hit The Road and it was absolutely incredible.

This isn't the first time Caspar has appeared on the silver screen though, as he made his movie debut back in 2014 as a character called Garlic in Troye Sivan's film trilogy, Spud. Caspar also voiced a seagull in The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water - so make sure you remember that little tit-bit for when we make a YouTuber-themed trivia quiz to see who remembers!

As well as 6 million subscribers, his channel boasts a crazy 500 million video views in addition to be being picked one of the '12 Web-savvy Entrepreneurs to Watch' by Yahoo! News. What a CV he has going right there! So a huge congratulations to Caspar Lee... we wonder how long it will be until we need to write your 'CONGRATS ON 7 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS' article. Any bets?