Fans Are Taking Over Twitter To #FreeCasparsVideo - But Why?

6 September 2016, 10:26 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It's happened again folks!

YouTube is digging themselves into a big whole with their biggest, most influential creators at the moment following on from their controversial changes to monetisation - otherwise known as the #YouTubeIsOverParty. And now, thanks to tougher restrictions on age appropriate content, Caspar Lee has had one of his videos marked "inappropriate for some users", so fans on Twitter are now trying to #FreeCasparsVideo.

Only two months after his channel had another video censored for containing "harmful or dangerous content", Caspar's new video seems to be striking up the same difficulties for material unsuitable for viewers of a certain age. In his previous video, it's believed that it was restricted because Caspar was seen *PRETENDING* to drink bleach - but it's not entirely clear why this newer video with KSI has been censored.

After Caspar tweeted out to his nearly 4 million strong Twitter audience that he was "gonna do what [he could]  do to get [his] new video unrestricted" with the hashtag #FreeCasparsVideo, it inevitably became one of the top UK trends within minutes - with fans showing their disbelief that it had happened again.

Thousands of fans may now be taking over Twitter in order to get Caspar's video back up and available to all, but unfortunately it's now in the hands of Mr Lee and YouTube - but we've shared the video below just in case you're of the right age to view it. Some people on Twitter believe it may have been censored based on KSI's partial nudity - but what do you think?

UPDATE: After an eight hour stand-off with YouTube, it looks like Caspar's new video has been restored to normal after its age restrictions have been removed! Congratulations to everyone working hard in the hashtag to make this magic happen.


Let us know in the comments below why you think it was taken down, or if you believe YouTube made the right decision. #FreeCasparsVideo