Caspar Lee’s New Emoji Might Just Be Better Than The Real Thing

17 February 2017, 12:56 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

What do you think about the new Mini Caspar?

It was announced back in mid-January 2017 that Caspar Lee would be taking over the reigns of the BRITs international livestream from last years hosts Dan and Phil... but we totally forgot he'd get his own emoji! Announced today, Caspar Lee now officially has a brand new emoji and it's kinda better than the real thing. (don't @ us Caspar)

Over on the official BRITs website, Caspar's role in the international live stream is explained in a bit more detail: "He'll be tracking down the biggest names in music and making sure you don't miss a moment". He'll also be working on other content for the BRITs' social media feed, "including a number of exclusive YouTube videos".

Make sure you check out Caspar's new emoji and tune in to The BRITs on Wednesday the 22nd of February, live from the London O2 Arena!

In fact, we like Caspar Lee's new emoji so much that we would like to see it appear in place of his own face more often. We've done all the hardwork for you all, but this is what we imagine it would look like if Caspar Lee just had an emoji for a face. You're welcome.

Fancy seeing an emoji taking a stroll on the beach and posing for extremely high quality photographs? We knocked this up just for you then.

new emoji


Here's Joe looking slightly angry, and slightly concerned by his new graphically designed friend. Could this be the real reason why they stopped being roommates?!

new emoji


Zoella on the other hand is completely appalled by Caspar's new emoji... and more specifically why it has now appeared so close to her face.

new emoji


And finally, Caspar's love for pizza also transcends onto his new emoji as you can see from the following historical evidence. PS: I'm completely disturbed by what I have created here today.

new emoji