Here's Why This Beauty YouTuber Is GOING TO JAIL!

26 April 2016, 13:33 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

The details are pretty shocking.

Proving that the YouTuber life isn't all about free products and million pound houses, Latvian beauty star Bea Jonite recently opened up the fans about why she may not be uploading to her channel a lot over the coming months. But unlike most YouTubers who just take a break for a nice holiday or to work on secret projects, Bea is actually going to jail. For real. Here's what happened...

Bea was at an "event" with friends and, despite her healthy vegan lifestyle, managed to get pretty drunk. At 5am Bea was ready to leave the party but didn't have enough money for a taxi. Despite hours of drinking alcohol, Bea got behind the wheel of her car and attempted to drive home, believing no-one would catch her. Despite claiming she felt invincible, Bea was soon caught by Latvian police.

Bea Jonite

"I don't even want to think what I could have done" Bea continues as she explains she's incredibly thankful that the police did catch her in the act. "Imagine if someone ran across the road, I could have hit someone... It's horrible to imagine. But for some reason I had this determination that I absolutely had to get in my car."

When she was caught, Bea said she had almost double the safe legal level of alcohol in her system. After this, police took her license and car and drove her home. It was the following day that Bea told her parents, although she encourages viewers to always tell a parent if they're in trouble. Naturally, they were furious: "The way my parents reacted was scary and terrifying"

The YouTube star had to go to court and face her charges. The first part of her punishment is that she won't be able to drive for two years and will later have to redo her lessons and driving test; she also needs to see a therapist and attend Alcoholic Anonymous.

Bea was also fined 850 Euros and must spend time in prison as part of her actions. It's at this point that Bea struggles to hold back the tears, speaking of the horrible and horrific conditions she'll face in prison and have to share a cell with people "who did God knows what".

Bes Jonite

However, if you were feeling sympathy for Bea then the fact she complains about that there'll be no social media in prison might make you stop. We don't want to preach but there are people in prisons all around the world in disgusting conditions for crimes they didn't commit. Bea has to face five days.

If you want to see the full video, which has had over 1.1 million views at the time of writing, click play below.