Fans Have Been Scamming Gaming Livestreamers Out Of Hundreds Of Pounds

23 June 2017, 14:52 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

Some people are real knobs, huh?

Popular gaming live streamer and YouTuber Desmond Amofar spoke out against "fans" who “fuck with me, fuck with my money, or fuck with my life,” after some of his viewers used a pretty shitty trick known as "chargebacking" to steal hundreds of dollars from him during a livestream on gaming social platform Twitch.

What is chargebacking?

Scammers send a donation to their victim before requesting their credit card company to refund the payment - usually by claiming it was a fraudulent payment. The money is refunded, and the fraud victim also has to pay an administration fee for the returned funds. Do that enough times and you can put a pretty big dent into someones wallet.

This is exactly what happened to Desmond. He received a number of donations of $50 - $100 dollars. Each was then forcibly refunded, leaving him with a $100 admin fee.


The worst part is that the scammer doesn't receive any extra money for doing this. It's literally just being a dick for the sake of it.

A number of high-profile gamers have fallen victim to chargebacking

According to gaming site Kotaku, Desmond isn't the only person to be scammed in this way. They report that the technique has been around for quite some time, with many experienced live streamers with huge followings losing money thanks to chargebacking. Fellow livestream Kaceytron reportedly received around six or so chargebacks every month. She told told Kotaku that her PayPal account had even been frozen once as a result: "That was two to three weeks I didn't get donations at all," she said.

A serial chargebacker was caught out last year after making fraudulent donations totalling $50,000. Livestreamer LegendaryLea received an $11,500 from the scammer - unfortunately for him, PayPal refused to refund the money and he was left with an $11,500 bill. The con artist in question was even planning on letting live streamers spend some of the money before demanding it back, according to Kotaku.


“When you’re a smaller channel and you have that problem, and you don’t have it as good as I do. . . PayPal freezes your account,' Desmond told Kotaku. "Not only that, but they can actually relinquish the funds for the chargeback and the chargeback fees and anything extra they want to tack on from any bank account, credit card of debit card linked to your PayPal.”

“As painful as it sounds, streamers suffering from this chargeback issue have to put themselves through the wringer, and hound PayPal until their voices are heard." he added. "Big or small, it makes no difference, and it’s unfortunate that that’s the only option we have."

Watch Desmond's video below and if you hear of anyone who's thinking about chargebacking, tell them not to be such a huge dick, k?