It's Been 10 Years Since "Charlie Bit My Finger" And We're All Old As Balls

22 May 2017, 12:03 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Where are the kids now?

It can often feel like the fans of YouTube today just don't know or appreciate their history. The teens will flip out over Tana Mongeau's latest storytime, or line up for a selfie with the Dolan twins' shared jawline; but they know nothing of the viral Wild West that YouTube once was. So once we realised that today was the 10-year anniversary of "Charlie Bit My Finger" - aka one of the greatest viral videos of all time - today became all about giving you a gosh darn history lesson.

10 years ago today, "Charlie bit my finger - again!" was uploaded.

3 year-old Harry Davies-Carr shares some quality sofa time with his little brother Charlie; and gets a lesson in hubris when he learns what happens when you put your hands near the mouth of a teething baby. The boys' dad uploaded the video to YouTube because the file was too big to email to their grandmother.


Since then, the video has collected almost 850 million views.

For context, there are less than 60 videos on the site that have reached 1 billion views - and most of them are massive pop songs. That's how highly this video ranks across the entirety of YouTube.

The video has also been parodied mercilessly on YouTube and in pop culture.

Other channels releasing parodies and references in TV shows such as 'The Office' have given this video some serious staying power; but very few of them can top the gritty reboot that 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' created, casting the Hemsworth brothers as Harry and Charlie.

Well, of course, there is another that might top them all...

Charlie Bit My Finger Dan & Phil YouTUbe Rewind

Where are they now?

Following the success of the iconic video, the family have gone on to continue uploading for their audience. Nothing overly personal or creepy-family-daily-vlog-esque, but an interesting time capsule that chronicles the boys growing up; alongside their two younger brothers, Jasper and Rupert.

Their most recent upload is from Christmas in 2016. Watch if you want to know how weird it sounds to hear an 11 year-old who gained fame as a baby saying "we'll be working on new content".


But even better - they've recreated the original video.

The family got together with Caters TV to talk about the anniversary - and of course, given everyone the remake they deserve.

Happy anniversary!

We can't wait to see what the next 10 years holds for the family, and YouTube history.


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