Can You Spot All The YouTubers In Charlie XCX's New Music Video?

27 July 2017, 14:11 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Charlie XCX video

By Josh Lee

It's a veritable FEAST.

Charlie XCX just dropped the music video for her single "Boys". And as the title would suggest, the video is chocked full of boys of every size, shape colour and orientation - including a few YouTuber faves for good measure.

Charlie XCX Connor Franta

The video is a send-up of the ridiculous ways music videos can objectify women. By turning the focus back onto celebrity men - each of whom performs a ridiculous, "sexy" segment for the video. "Boys" shows just how silly "sexiness" really is.

Here are all the YouTuber's featured in Charlie XCX's "Boys" video.

There's Cameron Dallas having a sexy, shirtless chainsaw moment:


Connor Franta serving nymph of the forest angel realness:


Caspar Lee smashing a pink bottle over his head, which we hope is a metaphor for the downfall of patriarchy


And Brendon Urie looking all smouldering and sexy on a bed of rose petals (yes we know he's not a YouTuber BUT WE LOVE HIM OKAY?):


Charlie XCX explained the feminist theory behind her YouTuber-packed video in an interview with Junkee

She told them, "Obviously the whole idea behind my video was to avert the male gaze."

"You can read into that deep or as little as you want, but obviously I made a conscious decision to not be in the video and to have all the guys doing the sexy things that girls are normally doing — which I think they enjoyed."

But despite the feminist undertones of her latest video, Charlie insisted that she wants to be seen as a musician first a foremost: "I’m just in an industry where there are women and there are men and I’m a musician and that’s how I like to be defined, rather than a female musician."

Check out the full video for "Boys" below:

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