Chloe Morello Shows The TRUTH Behind The Perfect Body

11 May 2016, 09:02 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

NGL, we still wish we had abs like this.

At a certain moment in time, YouTube became the MUST-GO place to catch up on the latest beauty and makeup trends - be it the best way to contour like Kim or the best way to style your body for summer. And now, thanks to the viral success of some of the weirdest beauty hack videos we've ever seen, YouTubers like Chloe Morello are taking on the crazy fad of body contouring in the name of humour; and we absolutely love it!

In collaboration with her two vlogging and makeup artist friends, Chloe pokes some harmless fun at the type of videos on YouTube where you see people contouring their feet, knees and ears all in the name of beauty (yes, this really exists). On her Instagram page, Chloe writes; "I've seen neck contouring, leg contouring and of course ab and boob contouring here on Insta... But I just think, why stop there... Why not spend the 2 hours you'd normally spend working out simply painting your body to look like this". And that's exactly what she did.

By highlighting, contouring, sculpting and shading her ENTIRE body (including her bum, shoulders, waist and even the back of her knees), Chloe and her friends create a wonderful piece of satire that mocks the whole trend of beauty vloggers telling their fans to redefine their body to fit someone else's standards of perfection. She even goes on to point out how "easy" these tutorials are to recreate for yourself; "This tutorial is perfect for everyday as it only takes 2-3 hours to complete and a mere 5kg of makeup product".

The whole tutorial took over two hours to film, and we hope Chloe and her friend Sharon and Karima were joking when they said they used over $500 of products on the look. Having only been posted two days ago, the video is fast racking up views with nearly 300,000 - is it possible that Chloe could be taking on the silly viral beauty side of YouTube for good?! Keep your eyes glued to this YouTuber.