This YouTuber Has Been SLAMMED For Wearing A Hijab In A Video

28 June 2016, 14:50 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Lea Rice

Is it ok or not? YOU decide.

Chloe Morello, a popular beauty YouTuber from Australia, has ignited a huge debate on her YouTube channel after donning a hijab style headscarf in her Eid makeup tutorial. She is not Muslim.

Stating that she "hopes this doesn't offend anyone", Chloe fixes a white mock hijab around her face to complete the shimmery, smokey, glamorous look. The look was greeted with mixed opinion from YouTube fans, battling out between themselves whether this kind of cultural appropriation is wrong and disrespectful to the Muslim community, or a gesture of inclusivity.


Headscarf supporters

Plenty of Chloe's Muslim and non-Muslim fans think the headscarf was a great touch. Comments of support included the fact that anybody could wear the look (whether it's been attributed to Eid by Chloe or not), the fact that Chloe is wearing a hijab in a video is supportive of Muslim when and helping to normalise the Islamic faith, and of course the fact that not all Muslim women wear a hijab (an argument that could work on either side of the argument).

eid makeup tutorial pro hijab chloe morello youtube

islamophobia pro hijab chloe morello youtube

not all muslims wear a hijab chloe morello youtube

Headscarf dragging

Arguments against Chloe wearing the headscarf touched on issues such as the garment being linked to female oppression, the fact that in this context the hijab is being used as an accessory rather than a symbol of faith, and that wearing a hijab as a non-Muslim hints at trying out a religion without experience of devoting your life to Islam.

anti hijab chloe morelloyoutube

cant try on a religion anti hijab chloe morello youtube

anti hijab doesnt understand chloe morello youtube

It's an argument that has completely split opinion in the YouTuber world. But Chloe is firmly standing by her decision that, as an atheist, she is not promoting any religion. She is simply promoting the inclusivity of all women.


She also says, "It's not used as a costume and I make that very clear. I put it on so that Muslim women who wear a scarf can see the makeup look when framed by a hijab... I have 1.7m followers. I am promoting the inclusion of Muslim women in the community."

The video has been released in time for the end of the Muslim holiday, Ramadan, and to celebrate the festival of Eid.

Over to you - should we be supporting or dragging Chloe for this?