Elijah And Christine Had A Twitter Argument And Things Got Serious

29 August 2018, 16:49 | Updated: 30 August 2018, 09:35

elijah daniel and christine sydelko
Picture: Instagram

By Team Unicorns

The two former creative partners clashed on Twitter

Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko, former friends and partners have come head to head on Twitter.

The two creators were at one time inseparable, frequently making videos together and even getting 'married' as part of a Taco Bell promotion.

Last year, however, the pair went their separate ways under less than loving circumstances, and have mostly not engaged with each other since then. But things got serious yesterday (Aug 28) on Twitter, when the two started to deal with their issues directly.

It began with a video from Elijah about David Dobrik

Elijah posted a video in which he called out fellow YouTuber David Dobrik for using offensive language in old tweets and the nature of cancel culture. The subject of old offensive tweets has been very much in the public focus lately (with Laura Lee being probably the most talked about example) and remains a controversial and hotly debated topic.

Christine was not happy with Elijah's video, calling it "clickbait" and accused Elijah of hypocrisy:

She clarified the issue was with Elijah, not David

Christine was quick to explain that she wasn't trying to defend David, but was instead frustrated at the way Elijah was behaving.

This lead to a series of stark confessions about their relationship

It seems that the chances of a reunion may be highly unlikely at this point.

Elijah did not want to engage at first

But Christine tweeted him directly

The feud showed no sign of ending

Elijah eventually posted a tongue-in-cheek statement

So it seems that despite a very heavy airing of grievances, the pair are no closer to reconciling. We'll have to wait and see if the pair ever settle their differences, but with the two of them living apart and apparently rarely talking, it seems unlikely.

Fans are split about how to feel

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