Dolan Fans Came For Christine Sydelko And She Was Having None Of It

28 September 2017, 14:33 | Updated: 22 November 2017, 16:56

Dolan Fans Came For Christine Sydelko And She Was

By Benedict Townsend

Dolan Twins fans were not very happy with some comments Christine made at this year's Streamy Awards

Christine Sydelko is many things, but first and foremost she is a guaranteed source of continued hilarity. This past week she appeared at The Streamy Awards with her life partner/karate coach Elijah Daniel where they accepted an award on behalf of the Dolan Twins and then swiftly roasted the hell out of them. This wasn't the only roasting that took place at the ceremony - Jon Cozart had his knives out for almost every major YouTuber and in particular Jake Paul, but despite this, Dolan fans were not happy with what she had said.


christine sydelko dolan

Christine, being the queen of giving no fucks, decided to give approximately zero fucks about the backlash and proceeded to double-down on her criticism of the twins in a hilarious fashion:

Fans fired back - and she wasn't having it

They even started threatening her

But she didn't seem fazed.


All in all, a pretty ridiculous bunch of beef, which is a pretty accurate way to describe a normal day on Twitter.

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