Did Coca-Cola Just Rip Off This YouTuber's Trademark Catchphrase?

13 July 2017, 11:45 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

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By Josh Lee

A Canadian viral star has accused Coca-Cola of stealing his intellectual property; after finding a catch-phrase from a song he created on the side of a Coca-Cola bottle.


In 2013, Brendan Richmond shared "Out For A Rip" to YouTube.

The song quickly went viral, clocking up 12 million views on YouTube. Seeing the success of the song, Brendan trademarked the catch phrase that had made it such a huge hit. "Out For A Rip" is a hilarious, loving tribute to all things Canadian, including "sipping' syrup, playin' hockey", "rockin' plaid jackets", and driving around in trucks - otherwise known as going "out for a rip". Hence the catchphrase.

Take a look at the video below:

However, Brendan recently discovered the very same catchphrase on a Coca-Cola bottle in Toronto.

Not wanting to let the act of apparent plagiarism slide, Brendan decided to call Coca-Cola out. Through song.

The follow up to "Out For A Rip", entitled "Out For A Sip" (we think "Out For A Rip Off" would have been better) features Brendan's actual lawyer; and is a legitimate, albeit musical, threat of court action. It retells the story of Brendan discovering his trademark on a Coca-Cola bottle, as well as demands for compensation; free hockey tickets, new skates, and a whole load of Coca-Cola, to be exact.

Brendan explained why he decided to call out the drinks giant over their alleged pilfering.

“Those words have become such an integral part of my career and livelihood as a musician,” he said. “So to see it on this rather iconic product… was shocking.”

To add insult to injury, the Coca-Cola bottles in question linked to an "Out For A Rip" playlist on Spotify - which doesn't include the original "Out For A Rip" song.

"Aside from not including the ('Out for a Rip') song itself, it doesn't jive with the aesthetic of 'Out For a Rip,' which is rural Canadian, good ol' boy fun music,'' he added.

According to the Huffington Post, a representative for Coke said that the brand has "reached out" to Brendan to discuss matters further.

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