Colleen Ballinger's new baby vlog will probably make you cry

14 December 2018, 13:04

colleen ballinger baby video
Picture: Colleen Ballinger
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend


There seems to be nothing that Colleen Ballinger can't do.

Mere days, DAYS, after she brought an actual, physical human into the world, she has managed to edit an upload a full video about the experience. And it's pretty damn cute, lads, I can't lie to you.

The video tracks Colleen's journey from the nervous moments before she entered hospital, through the birth process itself, all the way to the peace of the mother and baby quietly laying together.

We start our vlog adventure on December 10th with Colleen sat at home after her water has broken. She tells us that she had reached a bit of a breaking point with her pregnancy where she was just exhausted and tired of waiting for the birth to happen - and that that was the precise moment her water broke.

She tells us they still haven't picked a name for the boy (and as far as we know they still haven't at this point) and that the baby was supposed to come on January 1st - "we're not ready... at all."

But the baby is not interested in schedules because it has places to be - notably the world, at the time of right now.

We then cut to Colleen hilariously vlogging and straightening her hair... while having contractions. Always gotta be ready for the camera, folks.

Next we follow the future parents into l'hôpital where the labour well and truly begins. There's a whole range of emotions as Colleen makes her way through the pain of the increasingly intense contractions, all the way to her tearful, overwhelmed happiness when she finally gets to hold her newborn in her arms.

"You look like your daddy" she says. You can see the whole video here:

Colleen had been pregnant for what seemed like several decades - and even managed to snag a cameo in her pal Ariana Grande's new video while with child but she finally revealed that it was time to get birthin' a few days ago via Twitter.

Colleen looks happier than she's ever been - and we don't blame her! Congrats to mother, father and lil bab.