A guy secretly did a naked photoshoot in Colleen Ballinger's house

19 February 2019, 16:46

colleen ballinger milk bath intruder
Picture: YouTube: Colleen Ballinger
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

He then did a full photoshoot. Seriously.

Here's the weirdest story you'll hear all week: Colleen Ballinger has revealed that when she was out of her house, someone she barely knows got naked, filled her bathtub with milk, then got into her bath and did a dramatic naked photoshoot. All right then.

Told you it would be weird.

Colleen sat down with friend and fellow creator Todrick Hall to tell the wild tale. Todrick was actually partially involved in the tale.

You see, Todrick was housesitting for Colleen and this mysterious person (who Todrick and Colleen dub 'Chocolate Milk' to protect his identity). This person was known to both Colleen and Todrick, but not that well.

Long story short, it transpires that Chocolate Milk somehow filled Colleen's bath with milk (it makes you wonder just how much milk Colleen keeps in her house at any one time), got completely naked, got into the tub, had a full on photoshoot (which also indicates that someone was with him, taking the pics) and then posted those pictures on social media.

Colleen and Todrick sleuthed out what had happened when they recognised Colleen's bath in the pictures on Chocolate Milk's Instagram posts which... yes... obviously... obviously that was going to happen, how did he not realise that that was going to happen?

"Of course, he was fired". Todrick says.

But it doesn't just stop there, after this mischievous character was fired he allegedly then got hold of Todrick's credit card and started racking up massive bills buying luxury items.

"He had basically stolen my identity" Todrick says.

In the end, Todrick ran into this person by chance and called him out. In the end everything got sorted out and Colleen had no hard feelings against Todrick.

"So that's the story of when a stranger got naked and did a photoshoot in my bathtub." Colleen says. "I do clickbait all the time", she adds, "but this actually happened."