Connor Franta Shares Emotional Video About His Recent Car Accident

22 November 2016, 12:14 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Don't worry, he's totally fine!

In case you missed his emotional upload yesterday, Connor Franta was recently in a car accident. Before we go into the details and share his video, it's important to note that both Connor and the person involved in the collision is absolutely fine and he's just feeling a little bit "shaky" about the whole accident... "I'm fine, I'm so fine".

Recorded at 1.39pm on Sunday the 20th November, Connor reveals that he was literally just in a car accident in which he hit a woman with the front of his car. The situation, as told by Franta, goes that he stopped at a Stop sign and moved forwards when he deemed it was safe. However, a woman emerged from an alleyway and before he could react they crashed together. In his words, "It was the same kind of feeling as bumper cars... I was only going about 20 miles per hour".

You can see his emotional recollection of events below:

Whilst neither party were injured and "as humans, we were fine", Franta still feels rightly shook up by the whole experience and urges his viewers to take every caution when driving; "Make sure you're not distracted in a car... please be safe when you drive". He also points out that he won't be making one of his regular YouTube videos because he doesn't "want to pretend and make a funny video, when it's not a funny day".

The toughest part of his video to watch was when he talks about his greatest fear; receiving a phone call from his family saying that someone he loved had been in a far worse situation than his own. Thankfully, Connor and the woman involved are both absolutely fine and had swapped information, both were able to walk away with only "minor damages".

Just a reminder, Connor is absolutely fine and is just a bit shaken at the moment. Make sure you send him some love on social media and let's hope he's feeling good again soon!