Connor Manning Had To CONVINCE Therapist He's Bisexual

31 March 2016, 13:34 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It's 2016 and we can't believe this is still happening.

It's a tough old world to grow up in right now. With political-correctness and the fear of offending people being major influencers when it comes to discussing gender, sexuality and race, it's becoming increasingly more difficult for young people to discover their identity without being questioned. This is precisely what happened to YouTuber Connor Manning when his therapist had to be convinced that he is bisexual.

We're not kidding, those are literally his words; "I had to convince my therapist that I'm bisexual". A professional counsellor, paid to listen and help people struggling with their thoughts, was unconvinced that Connor was "bisexual enough to be bisexual". It took 30 minutes of discussion during their therapy session, but eventually the therapist was argued round to believe his sexuality - "which I shouldn't even have to do".

Whilst the experience wasn't a "massive trauma" for Connor, he has since released a follow up video to respond to viewer comments he has received since. Most importantly, he wanted to point out that nobody should be discouraged from getting counselling should they feel like they need it, however, with his particular situation, being told he wasn't "bisexual enough" could have been really destructive for someone newly questioning their sexuality.

Connor's video series also raise the topic of bisexual erasure - the situation in which people ignore, remove or falsify any evidence of bisexuality. In regards to his experience in therapy, he discusses how difficult it was to have his bisexuality redefined in front of him; "To have someone that's supposed to be a resource I can trust, someone I can open up to, try and invalidate my identity was really deeply sad to me". Other YouTubers such as Calum McSwiggan and Melanie Murphy have rallied in support of Connor, and we hope that this video opens up the bisexuality dialogue more in the next few years.