Stop Searching Everyone; We Found The Coolest Grandma Ever

7 September 2016, 13:49 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson


Everyone loves their family. Be it your mom, dad, sibling, grandparents or anything in between - family are the closest thing in the world to perfection. And now we don't want to offend anybody, but as amazing as your family might be, Ross Smith officially has the greatest grandma in the world and that's final.

In a Facebook video, that's now been viewed over 19 million times, Ross Smith uploaded a Snapchat video of his "wild weekend" with Grandma - a 90-year-old woman who enjoys chugging wine and playing the saxophone. In the short video below, you can watch this badass grandma showing off her dance moves and responding to the charming nickname, Cocaine Head. You gotta check it out:

Ross's entire Facebook page is dedicated to the adventures and lit parties he has with his grandma who "might be 90 but she parties like she's 21" - and it's about time you started living your life like this amazing white-haired goddess. She also has amazing views on her grandson stripping and how she can't possibly chug all her wine because she's "be on the floor" - but don't ask her about casinos...


Think you have a cooler grandma than this? Let us know in the comments below and maybe we'll kick start a new campaign to hunt down the spiritual successor to this badass granny.