Crabstickz Is Back And He Has An Entire Freakin' Comedy Series Coming Out

27 September 2016, 14:39 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Chris Kendall returns to YouTube, and is reincarnating his channel Crabstickz into a new home for comedy - starting with kinky new series, "WHIPPED".

It's been a while since the world of YouTube has properly heard from Chris "Crabstickz" Kendall. Taking a break from his channel to focus on acting, Chris has crash-landed back onto the site with not just a cute update with his new pet "cat" - but the announcement that his channel is going in a whole new direction.

Teaming up with production company Koto Films, Chris is officially relaunching Crabstickz - not as the name of his YouTube alter-ego, but as a new hub for independent British comedy. The new and improved channel will begin with the release of "WHIPPED"; a series set around a Soho sex shop. Chris stars as Leonard, the creepy yet well-intentioned Assistant Manager of the store.

crabstickz whipped

"I see a lot of brilliant comedy on YouTube that is ignored and overshadowed by kids covering their faces in cream," admits Chris in a press statement. "I knew that I had done as much as I could with Crabstickz on my own, so I am working alongside Koto Films to move the direction of the channel towards scripted comedy designed to give people characters and content they won't forget about overnight."

We can't wait to see this new chapter in Chris' career, and all the undoubtedly hilarious comedy we can expect to see on his channel from now on!

Watch the trailer for new Crabstickz series "Whipped" below.