Creator Of Honest Trailers Fired After Multiple Sexual Harassment Claims

9 October 2017, 10:51 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

Creator Honest Trailers

By Benedict Townsend

Andy Signore has been fired from ScreenJunkies for “egregious and intolerable behaviour"

Andy Signore, the creator of both the ScreenJunkies website and the hugely popular Honest Trailers video series, has been fired from ScreenJunkies for “egregious and intolerable behaviour.” Signore had already been suspended from the company on Friday, after multiple women came forward on Twitter to accuse him of sexually inappropriate behaviour.

andy signore


Andy is married and a father, but appears to have harassed women in multiple ways, using his position in the company as leverage to try and get what he wanted.

Here’s the full statement from ScreenJunkie’s parent company, about his firing:

“Defy Media and Screen Junkies have today terminated Andy Signore’s employment, effective immediately. There is simply no justification for this egregious and intolerable behavior.

“In August, Defy’s HR team was made aware of allegations made against Andy, at which time an investigation was launched. On Friday, new information became available and the scope and magnitude of his inappropriate actions became apparent. We are acting swiftly to address the concerns of the people affected, and that going forward, our community is free of harassment or discrimination of any kind.

“Our Screen Junkies colleagues and freelancers are a team of remarkable creators serving loyal fans and we will support and protect them. If anyone else is aware of behavior of this type, we would encourage them to bring it to our attention.”

How people have reacted

The overwhelming reaction to Andy's firing on Twitter has been positive, but many have now turned on ScreenJunkies, and more specifically their HR department, for not dealing with the issue sooner.