Cuca The Alligator Is Coming For The Babadook's Queer Icon Crown

26 June 2017, 16:05 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Move over Babadook! There's a new LGBTQ+ icon in town and her name is Cuca The Alligator. Forget Tyler Oakley, forget Cher; your life is about to be enriched with Cuca and her ability to be the most extra alligator in the god damn world.

Here's how Cuca The Alligator became the best LGBTQ+ icon of 2017.

Cuca is part of a 00s Brazilian children's TV show. Complete with her strawberry blonde bombshell wig, Cuca would lure children to her den and essentially eat them alive. A bit darker than Pepper Pig, but easily more iconic. It wasn't until Brazilian Gay Twitter saw her meme-ability that people began to respect how outright extra she was. A reptile who owns what she's all about, unapologetically. It's the very essence of pride, don't you think?

cuca the alligator

Earlier this month a couple of Twitter users used Cuca's image and the rest is, as they say in Brazill, história.

While we're yet to see a full on fight between Cuca The Alligator and The Babadook, it seems people are taking sides.

While The Babadook represents isolation and anxiety, Cuca is just all out loud and proud and can dance better than your Grandma after two and a half gins. We know who we're putting our money on.

Vote in our poll below which diva is the best LGBTQ+ icon and settle this meme madness once and for all.


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