DaddyOFive Claims Pranks Are "Fake"; Abusing Their Children Was "Scripted"

19 April 2017, 09:35 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

After an interview with Keemstar, the DaddyOFive parents uploaded their own apology video.

Over the last 24 hours, since Philip DeFranco uploaded his shocking exposé on the DaddyOFive YouTube prank channel, the family have had an incredibly difficult time. In a new video posted to their channel, Mike and Heather admit to their pranks being "fake" and often "scripted" by their children.

At the time of writing, the comments on their video are currently disabled as we can only assume their channel has attracted a lot of negative attention since news broke of their alleged "child abuse". But, after seeing his wife and children in danger, Mike admits that he "doesn't care anymore" and owns up to the fact that their pranks are "fake". Since their channel hit the news, some of their controversial videos have now been privatised.

Here's DaddyOFive's apology video, in which they call out Philip DeFranco for his "False" accusations and lack of research into their "fake pranks".

Whilst he also admits that he wished he had come clean about the legitimacy of their videos earlier, Mike seems to believe that labelling the videos as "For Entertainment Purposes Only" in the description was enough to demonstrate that they were "over exaggerated" and that "some of them are scripted". In fact, the DaddyOFive creators go so far as to say that the videos are entirely "the kids ideas".

The couple seem particularly upset with Philip DeFranco who in their words "just steam rolled us" in his video without reaching out to the family first to double check if the pranks were fake or not; "Philip DeFranco put my family in danger over fake videos". Since Philip's video spotlighting the alleged abuse, the DaddyOFive family has allegedly received "death threats" and "someone tried to run [his] wife off the road".


In a Twitter statement, the family make it clear that they will be venturing into "different alternatives for [their] future videos", but make it absolutely clear in their YouTube statement that "these kids are safe... this is just an act". Furthermore, Heather states that "if [they] go back to court, [they'll] win" - this is presumably in reference to Child Protection Services being called to their home in the past regarding their videos.

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