All Of The Gifs From Dan And Phil's Playdate With Catrific's New Puppy

30 June 2017, 10:33 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

Get ready to weep with joy.

You may have thought that Dan and Phil were at the apex of adorableness. And it's a fair opinion to take. But, as of yesterday, if you think there's nothing that can out-cute everyone's favourite YouTube BFFs, you are wrong, wrong wrong.

We humbly present to you... Dan, Phil, AND A GOD DAMN PUPPY Y'ALL

Dan and Phil got together with fellow creator Catherine Valdes a.k.a Catrific to play with her band new puppy - a seven-week-old pit bull named Sigma. And the results are so ridiculously delightful that we just had to dot gif the whole thing. Ready to be drowned in a sea of canine cuteness? Let's go.

1. Phil's little face when he meets Sigma for the first time!

This is the look of a man who's had all his dreams fulfilled in one go.



Dan and Phil puppy

3. Find me a man who will hold me like Dan holds this puppy, tbh

If Dan and Phil ever found themselves raising a child, it would clearly be in very safe hands


4. But Phil can't be without Sigma for too long

Look at that longing stare. I can't even.





6. Then Dan and Phil take Sigma outside to teach him some tricks

"Sit on Dan" isn't one we've heard of before, but it's sure to go down a storm at Crufts


7. OK but Dan literally is the dog whisperer


There's 10 whole minutes of pure puppy playtime in the video below, so get your paws stuck in.

And we look forward to the inevitable "Story Time! We Stole Catrific's Puppy And Now He Is Our Child" video in the near future.


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