Dan Howell Just Hit 6 Million Subscribers, And Twitter Was Raw Fire

11 August 2016, 10:33 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Y'all truly know how to celebrate.

With millions of YouTubers generating content for the Internet on a daily basis, it's almost impossible to keep up with everyone hitting their own individual subscriber milestones - but when a milestone starts trending on Twitter, it's hard to miss. That's exactly what happened in the last 24 hours when Dan Howell informed his followers that he had finally reached 6 million subscribers, and they freaked out with happiness.

In traditional Dan style, he tweeted out the following goofy announcement to his fans; "Ooh wowie six million subbydingdongs would you looke at that I just can't believe it haha jeeze louise my gosh isn't that just fantastic darn". Now, we don't know if "subbydingdongs" is a term the CEO at YouTube would be a fan of, but the reaction on Twitter was lit - so we've rounded up the best, most heartwarming congratulations offered to Mr Fire to spread the feels around a little bit more!


We've filtered out some of the more sensitive tweets about the occasion, but as #CongratsOn6MilDan became one of the top trends in the UK, the Phandom sure let their emotions run wild. Because let's be honest, it's not everyday that your favourite person on the planet celebrates having 6 million people follow them online, right?!


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