Dan Howell Just Called Out Onision For Exploiting His Fans

14 September 2016, 09:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Things got heated in Dan's YouNow.

Every week or so, Dan Howell likes to bless the Internet by doing a live broadcast from popular streaming site YouNow. As you can imagine, it's mostly just him falling off things and talking about pop culture, but sometimes Dan likes to open up to his audience about things that are concerning him - and this week, he shared his thoughts on Onision and how he's been exploiting the Phandom.

In his opinion (and thankfully transcribing onto Tumblr for the world to evaluate forever), Dan believes that some YouTubers "like to talk about [Dan and Phil] to get attention from you guys... to get attention and money". This controversial statement comes only days after Onision uploaded a video where he asked his fans to send in Photoshopped pictures of Dan Howell for a competition. His "group" got 2,574 posts sent in after it was revealed that the best image would receive a brand new MacBook Air.


Now fast forward to the 13th of September when Dan hosted his YouNow session - and everyone was asking him to go watch the Onision video in question. The general response from Dan seems to be one that believes Onision is not a true fan of his channel, and only held the Photoshop challenge to gain the attention and views of "real" fans in order to get views and "money". In fact, Dan makes it very clear that "it's a pet peeve of mine where people just kind of are professional fans of other people to kind of leach off the fanboys".

In response, Onision took to Twitter to talk about the accusation of him exploiting the Phandom by pointing out that he is a genuine fan of Dan's. He also feels that because he has "1+ mil subscribers" and happened to mention Dan in a video, he is being accused of being a fake fan for views - something he believes isn't true. However, in traditional Onision style, he ends his Twitter rant with the following statement...

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