Some Truly WILD Things Happened During Dan And Phil's Live Show...

3 November 2016, 14:47 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Were you lucky enough to be there last night?!

As well as a baking video, a new book and PINOF 8 on the horizon, Dan and Phil just unleashed another surprise event on their fans with DAPGOOSE - a live stage show dedicated to answering all of your weird and wonderful questions! DAPGOOSE, or "Dan And Phil Go Outside On Stage Event", took place in the Hackney Empire theatre last night, and we learnt some crazy things...

But don't worry if you're already having a heart attack that you missed it, because Dan will be uploading the hour long chat (in its entirety, we presume) to his main channel for folks to watch over and over again. But until then, we had a scroll through the official hashtag to see if we could learn what was happening inside that room. Here's what we found:


Phil Lester, in his usual tragic fashion, was able to goof things up within "30 seconds" of the show kicking off.


One incredibly lucky young lady was able to own the coffee-stained and soiled book from Phil's DAPGOOSE blunder! So all congrats go to Soph.


To folks who weren't lucky enough to attend, don't worry - Dan's dimple face was out in full force as he hung out with fans before the show.


Anyone for a round of "Danger Men At Work"? Maybe next time Phil should revise the lyrics beforehand...


Here's a story of Phil calling someone a wombat, whilst Dan just sits there like an idiot with that denim cap on.


As this Twitter user rightly said, please witness "THE BIRTH" of Phil Lester in a *swan* hat (?!?!).


Apparently there are some photos out there that even Dan and Phil don't want to show the world...


It will be far better for everyone to watch the show when it goes live on Dan's channel, because it was FREEZING in the venue.


Lucy absolutely nailed this tweet. We're thinking of you all as well; this has been a crazy month for the Phandom and it's only the 3rd.


Last but not least... you may be able to watch the show online, and there may have been a hashtag for you all, but you had to literally be at DAPGOOSE to use this truly wild Snapchat filter. SO JEALOUS.