Dan And Phil Just Released The Most BIZARRE Merch Yet

14 November 2016, 10:57 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Honestly, we're shook.

It's not unusual for YouTubers to release merch around the holiday seasons, as their fans are typically begging them for new products and gifts to give to their friends and families. However, we don't think anyone expected Dan and Phil release the most bizarre calendar we've ever seen in our entire lives. It's something you need to see.

The 12-month calendar (thanks for making that clear on your site guys...), is brand new for 2017 and features "a themed photo of Dan and Phil recreating iconic movies for every month" - and from what we can see so far, they've already parodied Harry Potter and Shrek. The calendar is now available to buy from the official Dan and Phil Store for Ł9.98... but it's not the only new product on offer.


Also new for the Christmas break is a Dan and Phil themed advent calendar, which has also seen bad times inside Photoshop. As the description details, "behind the terrifying Dan-tree and Phil-gift theme, each door has a festive Snapchat filter selfie inside", which raises more questions than anything else; Do Dan and Phil have secret Snapchats?! What filters did they use?! WHEN CAN WE BUY THIS?!

Well good news, the "delicious chocolate" calendar will only cost you Ł4.98 and is available right now on the Dan and Phil Store along with their new galaxy backpack and Dan And Phil Go Outside book. So while you're there, fancy buying a gift for your favourite Unicorn friend??


Will you be asking Santa for Dan and Phil's new calendar? Let us know in the comments below!