Dan And Phil Just Had A Baby (In The Sims) And We’re Weeping

15 December 2016, 14:09 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

What is happening to this channel...

It finally happened folks. After 32 episodes and the shocking realisation that Dan and Phil have zero clue how to look after another human being, Tabitha and Dil have had their baby. Lovingly named Dab after their parents, Dan and Phil's bouncing baby made it into the world safely and memeified... but how will their life go on from here?! We suppose the only way to find out would be to stick around for future episodes of Dan And Phil Play: Sims 4!

Fans have been fawning over the newest addition to the Howlter family, with most actually apologising for their unfortunate name; "Welcome to the world Dab. We are so very sorry about your name". Also, interestingly, apparently the name "Dab" has been guessed 143 times on the Akinator game already... so if you really want to know the powerful effect of Dan and Phil, just look right there!

NOTE: Dan wanted to make it clear that the edit of this video might be full of "mistakes" because he went to a Christmas party and had "two glasses of wine". He's officially turned into a mother.

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