TATINOF Is Officially Coming To YouTube Red - Here's Everything You Need To Know

24 June 2016, 10:11 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

This is some pretty exciting news.

We're here today to offer our condolences to the Phandom, as the TATINOF USA tour has finally come to an end. But, it's time to get out of bed and wipe those tears away Phans, as the spectacular stage show shall be coming to YouTube Red this year. If you didn't know, the cat whiskered YouTube duo road-tripped their way around 33 US cities to perform their spectacular stage show to American Dan and Phil fans - and now it is heading to the YouTube subscription service before the end of the year.

The news was announced at the huge YouTube convention, VidCon, yesterday and it was just one in a long list of YouTube Red originals that have been planned for release this year. The book tour, that has definitely rivalled all others, was amazingly (pretty much) spoiler free throughout it's live shows, as Dan and Phil fans were asked to post absolutely nothing TATINOF related on social media. So it looks like this original YouTube Red film is going to be a complete surprise to those of the Phandom who haven't seen the live shows.

And, just when we thought that we couldn't get any more excited, Dan has taken to Twitter to announce that it's not just the TATINOF film that shall be premiering on YouTube Red. The two YouTube gods have also made a behind-the-scenes documentary of the making-off TATINOF; are we dreaming?

Even though this is probably the most exciting YouTube news we've had all week, Phans are questioning whether they shall still be able to watch the two TATINOF instalments if they're not in a country with YouTube Red. And Dan, in his typical 'dad' fashion, came to the rescue to let us know that the exclusive videos shall be available to purchase individually if you can't get the YouTube subscription service.

We're not sure of the TATINOF release date as of yet, but the original film shall be joining the likes of YouTube Red original series 'Scare PewDiePie', 'Sing It!' from the Fine Bros and Joey Graceffa's latest project 'Escape The Night' that premiered this week. We already can't wait for TATINOF to come to YouTube Red, so we'll keep you updated as soon as we hear of a release date. In the meantime, if you literally can not handle this Phan news, then make sure to let us know in the comments.