YouTuber Finishes Dark Souls 3... In Under 90 Minutes

6 April 2016, 13:16 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We can't even kill the first boss in 90 minutes...

Speed-running is one of the biggest gaming trends since the very first competitively 'raceable' video game was released back in 1994; that game was DOOM. Players used the ability to record demo files of their play-through in order to rank up higher on popular fansite scoreboards by completing the entire game, sections or individual bosses as quickly as humanly possible. This fad has grown ever more popular since the rise of YouTube and Twitch, but the most recent video game race is happening around a game that's not even released yet...  Dark Souls 3.

Uploaded by Japanese YouTuber Muzi_nasu, Dark Souls 3 was just completed in a staggering one hour, 23 minutes and 18 seconds (technically it's 1:29:10 when you include all the loading screens). Not only is this a video game with a notoriously unforgiving difficulty level, but it's punishing combat design was created to test players who wanted to play a video game just for a bit of 'fun'. Now, hopefully you can begin to understand how NORMAL Dark Souls 3 play-throughs can average around the 60 hour mark. You can see Muzi's speed-run, uncut, in the video below.

Not one to shy away from competition, another Speed-runner going by the name of Distortion2 on Twitch decided to try and beat Muzi's original time, but this time choosing to defeat all the optional bosses Muzi had managed to avoid in his own speed-run. With only five extra minutes on the clock after literally finishing up the entire game, Distortion2 speed-ran Dark Souls 3 in an astounding 1:27:45 which we think is just a tad more impressive to be honest - what do you think?

The game launches internationally on April 12th, even though some players have been able to take advantage of a glitch to play the Japanese version with English languages options on Xbox One already. However, if you're undecided as to whether you want to purchase the game and watching two pro's complete it in record time isn't really something you're into watching, then try and sit through a 12 minute video of PewDiePie screaming his head off and trying to avoid death just ONCE. It's an Oscar-worthy performance from Pewd's, but we wonder how Muzi_nasu feels about his gameplay tactics...