People Are Tweeting #DavidDobrikIsOverParty For The Dumbest Reason

19 July 2017, 16:04 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

David Dobrik

By Liam Dryden

Is this worth a hashtag?!

David Dobrik is, by most standards, a fairly unproblematic YouTuber. So when we saw that #DavidDobrikIsOverParty was trending earlier today, getting to the bottom of things was essential.

So what is the internet's sudden beef with David Dobrik?

david dobrik liza koshy

As of last night, it seems as though David has committed one of the ultimate cardinal sins of YouTube; because according to fans on Twitter, he was recently spotted on Snapchat hanging out with Team 10.

Yep, this lot.

Jake Paul with Team 10 david dobrik

Team 10 ringleader Jake Paul is the internet's favourite villain right now; after news broke that the neighbours of Team 10's shared house may be pursuing legal action for antisocial behaviour. So the timing for other creators to be seen associating with them is a bit awkward.

As a result, fans have been reacting with #DavidDobrikIsOverParty.


Some are quick to point out the hashtag is a "joke"...


...While others rushed to defend him regardless.


Even his pals started poking some fun.


But there's one thing thing we can all agree on.

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