DaddyOFive Encourages Son To Hit His Sister In Shocking Deleted Video

21 April 2017, 10:06 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

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By Charleyy Hodson

Viewer discretion advised.

This week, the DaddyoFive channel has faced numerous allegations about their methods of raising their children and running a prank-based YouTube channel. One of the most sensitive accusations has been that they are abusing their children both physically and mentally for views, which they've since denied by claiming that the pranks are "fake". On that same day, footage emerged from a deleted video that sees father, Mike, encouraging his son to slap his sister in the face.

The video is set up by Mike who describes a very physical game of "Bottle Flip" - if the person who flips the bottle does not get it to land upright, they get slapped in the face by their opponent. Already a questionable game for children to play, the challenge goes ahead and sees Mike's only daughter, Emma, fail at the contest meaning Alex is "allowed" to slap her in the face.

You can see the shocking deleted video below, in which Alex protests but eventually slaps his sister.

After Emma fails the challenge, Alex is seen getting more and more worked up over the expectation to hit his sister in face by shouting loudly that he "doesn't hit girls". The dad is then heard telling him that "she's your sister so she doesn't count" in an effort to make him slap his sibling on camera. He eventually does and clearly does it much harder than everyone anticipated because Emma then falls to the floor in a flood of tears.

Emma is not comforted in the following scenes. Alex has a water bottle thrown at his head by Cody who is also in the room. Mike can be heard laughing in the background at the events that just transpired. The one father in this room full of three emotional confused children does nothing to dissolve the situation or teach a lesson about physical attacks. And it's for this reason, that this video has causes the DaddyOFive channel to be completely wiped of all their previous content, as the family try to hide from media attacks.

Some people on Twitter have even reached out to Dr Phil to spread the word of the families abuse.

slap daddyofive deleted video disturbing

After recently saying that these media attacks are "tearing their family apart", it's tough to say how the family have reacted behind the camera to the deleted video being linked back online in such a turbulent environment. Many people are just hoping for the children to be safe, as tonnes of Reddit users crash the website for Child Protective Services in their local Maryland area by trying to report their videos.

If you've experienced this, or think you know someone who is experiencing abuse similar to that seen in the video above, please speak to trained professionals dedicated to ending domestic abuse.