YouTube Is Demonetising LGBTQ+ Videos Again And Here's The Proof

21 September 2017, 14:53 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

YouTube Is Demonetising LGBTQ+ Videos Again And He

By Josh Lee

Oh look it's the past come back to rear it's irritating head.

Remember back in March when LGBTQ+ YouTubers pointed out their their content was being unfairly demonetised, and YouTube promised to do better in future? Well get ready to roll back the clocks, because it looks as though we're back to the same old shit.

On September 15th Gaby Dunn shared images from her LGBTQ+ YouTube videos showing that they had been deemed not eligible for all advertisers. "YouTube finally started demonetizing any and all LGBTQIA content on our channel. Bye bye that stream of income," she wrote


Now, even more proof that YouTube is demonetising LGBTQ+ content has emerged.

Yesterday, Creator GeekRemix ran a test to see if YouTube really was selectively demonetizing LGBTQ+ content. They posted two videos, one entitled "transgender" and the other "cisgender." And as you can see from the tweet below, the transgender one was deemed "not suitable for all advertises," while the cisgender video was green-lit for all advertisers.

A number of other queer creators have also seen their content demonetised, including Stevie Boebi.

Others have had their LGBTQ+ content age-restricted for spurious reasons.

YouTube are yet to respond to the complaints.

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