Hayes Grier Has OFFICIALLY Been Kicked Off DigiTour

27 April 2016, 10:19 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Hayes has been lashing out on social media.

Nash Grier and brother Hayes have built up quite the reputation for themselves since launching into Internet stardom in early 2013 thanks to Nash's talent for making Vine videos. Since then, Nash has gone on to do multiple tours, co-create a clothing range of Aeropostale and release a movie with Fullscreen. As a result, both Nash and Hayes Grier have amassed millions of fans around the world, all of whom are dying to meet them. But sadly fans who were hoping to meet the pair as part of DigiTour's Latin American tour may be dissapointed after Hayes was dramatically withdrawn from the event.

In typical Grier style, Hayes has caused a whole lot of grief on social media as he took to Twitter to slate the organisers of DigiTour, despite the fact his brother Nash is still headlining. In a series of explosive tweets, Hayes ranted about being dropped with DigiTour with no explanation and claimed that the organisers have "ruined" the entire experience for him.


As his anger grew, his tweets became more and more frequent as he demanded an explanation and apologised to fans for not being there. It seems that Hayes had no intention of keeping this professional and amicable, later saying: "Not gonna let lame old people stop me meeting you. I'll go on tour on my own if I have to".

The DigiTour Spanish language Twitter account said: "As much as we love Hayes Grier, for reasons beyond our control and Hayes', he will not be on tour. But he's still awesome". Or at least that's how Google translated it for us. Speaking of which, Hayes seemingly forgot that Google Translate exists when he lashed out at the aforementioned account.

However, despite the fact that Hayes claims he was banned from the tour and doesn't have a reason, his brother later took to social media and claimed it was because Hayes himself didn't sort out his Visa on time. Plausible explanation, for sure, but Hayes was still on the angry emoji train and lashed out at his brother for "taking sides".

In a now deleted tweet, Hayes replied: "woahh big guy. don't start choosing sides here. you know digi is lame as hell. don't give me that visa bullsh*t".

Are the brothers at war? There's been no social media interaction between the pair for two days as Nash continues to enjoy the tour whilst Hayes sulks at home.

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