This Plus Size YouTuber Was "Skinny Shamed" For Life Saving Weight Loss

31 January 2017, 11:33 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

The comments were pretty shocking.

A once-plus size YouTuber has recently spoken out against the levels of online trolling she's recieved- all since losing weight. Whilst most creators have to deal with trolls to a certain extent, Ruth Dudley didn't expect abuse when she began losing weight. However, despite all this, Ruth has been discussing her story openly online and is providing an amazing message to people all around the world about how to stay strong and focussed no matter what the trolls say.

At age just 18, YouTuber Ruth Dudley weighed a life-threatening 28 stone and 8lb and had size 48G boobs. Having been obese since her childhood, Ruth had become used to her size and eventually took to YouTube (under the name Plus Size Diva 24) to show you can still be plus size and look great. With her great sense of style, Ruth's channel quickly took off and she recieved thousands of comments of support from fellow plus size women praising her for being proud of her body.

However, it was only when Ruth was told that she was on the verge of developing diabetes, something which could see her head towards an early grave, she knew she could no longer carry on at the size she was. With her blossoming YouTube career, Ruth naturally wanted to document her weight loss journey on YouTube and expected to recieve unlimited support from her fans.

diva slims down

As part of her journey, Ruth documented everything from her eating habits to Zumba classes and wanted to inspire her followers and prove you really can do anything if you set your mind to it. Swapping her diet of fried chicken and pizza for healthy grilled tuna and vegetables, Ruth excelled her viewers began to notice her weight loss. However, rather than being happy that Ruth was taking control of her life and beating her health problems, viewers began trolling her and claimed she was a "sell out" and that she was shaming fat women everywhere by losing the weight.

People even taunted Ruth and said she'd fail on her weight loss journey.

Not one to let the trolls get to her, Ruth started a new channel - Diva Slims Down- and documented her journey there. Overtime, Ruth lost an outstanding 14 stone proving that you really can ignore the trolls and become a huge success.

diva slims down

Diva Slims Down now has over 123,000 subscribers and Ruth is putting all her positive energy into being an inspiration for men and women all over the globe by sharing her healthy living lifestyle.

We salute you, Ruth!