Dodie Clark Addresses Her Sexuality And The Idea Of "Labels"

24 May 2016, 11:27 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

dodie sexuality

By Charleyy Hodson

Her coming out video is a must-watch.

So 2016 seems to be the year of the confessional, with YouTubers opening up to their fanbases about their relationships, private lives and sexualities. With Joey Graceffa finally revealing his relationship with Daniel whilst Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith have recently shared the reason for the shocking end of their relationship, YouTube is fast becoming a platform for sharing authenticity with young viewers in a totally honest and new way. And now we can add Dodie Clark to the inspiring list of creators coming out online!

In a quick and quirky video on her vlog channel, Dodie revealed that her ideas surrounding labels and sexuality had matured since her last video in 2014 when she stated she "does not assign herself to labels" (original video can be seen at the bottom of the article). New for 2016, Dodie has embraced the idea of labels, choosing now to identify herself as bisexual to her fans, friends and family; "It has just occurred to me that I don't think I said that I am bisexual online".

In the vlog, Dodie talks more about her experiences and the journey of self-discovery she ventured on; "I spoke to some people and they found the idea of kissing girls gross... I thought about using that label and honestly it works because I am romantically and sexually attracted to both men and women. I probably wouldn't say equally, or in the same ways because someone's gender makes it very different for me". She also says that she thought about identifying herself of demi-sexual, based on the fact she is "only sexually attracted to someone when there is an emotional bond". 

However, the most poignant part of her revelation was a segment in which Dodie talks about her concerns of "not being bi enough", as if there is some form of checklist people must cross off in order to be labelled a certain way. This idea of needing to fit in specifically with other people is a stigma that often lingers around sexuality, which Dodie later confirms when she talks about how she tried to come out to some friends and they immediately just said she was a lesbian trying to be "hashtag relatable".

Dodie also goes on to share some other sexual experiences and encounters that are very personal so we won't type them out for her, but it's a really eye-opening video for young people struggling with the concept of their own sexuality.

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