Dodie Clark Judged A BBC Talent Show Because YouTubers Rule The World Now

15 January 2016, 10:30 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:33

dodie bbc judge

By Benedict Townsend

And You Can Watch It Here

In the continuing, unstoppable trend of YouTubers dominating all forms of media, ukulele enthusiast and UFC fighter Dodie Clark appeared on CBBC (BBC 4 kids) this week, starring as a guest judge on the children's talent show 'Got What It Takes?'


The show was tasking its contestants with making a vlog, so who better to judge the winner than a professional vlogger with a heart of gold? Dodie announced the news by masterfully burying the lead:



When the show made it to TV, she became the best kind of person - the kind of person who genuinely enjoys and values the experience she's had:



Dodie is in fine company, as fellow YouTuber Carrie Hope Fletcher (who, incidentally, revealed a ton of news recently), was also on the show earlier this year:



You can watch Dodie's appearance here - though be warned that you may be unable to if you live outside of the UK. Sad face.