Dodie Clark Accepted Her Shorty Award In The Most Dodie Way Possible

24 April 2017, 09:48 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47

dodie shorty award

By Charleyy Hodson

You go Dodie!! ?

Sunday 23rd April marked the ninth annual Shorty Awards which is a ceremony dedicated to honouring "the best of social media", both in front of the screen and behind it. To mark the special occasion, a certain Dodie Clark flew to New York City just for the event and ended up stealing the show and picking up her Shorty Award in the funniest way possible...

Dodie's Snapchat sees the singer songwriter getting seriously buzzed about her upcoming nomination. But when she finally finds out she has won the Shorty Award for "YouTube Musician Of The Year", Dodie rises from the table like a glorious gazelle... and then falls down to the floor in the goofy way only she could.

You can see Dodie taking a trip on her way to pick up her Shorty Award in the video below:

When she finally reaches the stage, she recites a gorgeous poem before returning to her table with pal and fellow Award winner Thomas Sanders. She shared the news of her success on Twitter by saying that "omg I fell over in front of everyone but I WON OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU [sic]". There's truly a reason why Dodie's taking over the world, and we're behind her every stumble along the way.

shorty award

Oh, and if you want to know who else scooped up an award, here's the entire list of anyone who's anything to do with the YouTube community! Congrats, you beautiful bunch. ?

Comedy: Elijah & Christine

Best Vine: The Laughing Fox

Breakout YouTuber: James Charles

Muser OTY: Lisa and Lena

Viner OTY (last one ever!): Kenny Knox

YouTube Comedian: Thomas Sanders

YouTube Ensemble: Jenna & Julien

YouTube Guru: Nikkie Tutorials

YouTube Musician: Dodie Clark

YouTuber OTY: Gigi Gorgeous

Gaming: Markiplier

LGBTQ+ YouTube Channel: Shannon Beveridge

Vlogger OTY: David Dobrik

Weird: Hydraulic Press Channel

Web Series: The Tyler Oakley Show

If you want to see anymore winners from other categories, just head over to their official website!


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