Dodie FINALLY Got To Meet Demi Lovato And Her Reaction Is Too Pure

9 August 2017, 15:27 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Dodie Clark and Phone

By Josh Lee


Dodie Clark received a very special Facetime call from none other than Demi Lovato on Sunday, and her reaction is completely adorable.

Anyone who knows Dodie knows that she REALY loves Demi

As well as covering her 2015 summer smash on YouTube, she talks about her all the time on social media.

Check out Dodie's cover of Cool For The Summer here:


It's safe to say that Dodie is a fully-fledged member of the Lovatics.

So when her manager Josh arranged for Demi to FaceTime the YouTuber, following a jam-packed weekend at Summer In The City, she was completely stunned. And thankfully the whole thing was caught on camera for us to enjoy.

"Oh my fucking God," she gasps as Demi's face appears on her iPhone. They chat for a few minutes: Demi congratulates Dodie on her Cool For The Summer Ukelele cover, and Dodie tells Demi that she's eating spaghetti bolognese for dinner (she's understandably fan-girling at this point so we'll let her live)

After the phone call, Dodie is overcome with emotion. Not only has just got got to meet her idol, but it's also allowed her to reflect on her own fame.

"I'd forgotten the fear of making a fool of myself," she explains in the video. "When I was talking to Demi I was so scared of slipping up and I definitely can't watch back half of that conversation because it makes me cringe so much."

She concludes: "I'm so grateful for this experience, Not only because I got to talk to Demi Lovato, but because it's also a refreshment of empathy"

Check out the video below:

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