Dodie Went To The Streamys With Stevie Boebi And They Looked Hella Cute Together

27 September 2017, 12:16 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Dodie Went To The Streamys With Stevie Boebi And T

By Benedict Townsend

Dodie and Stevie stole the show at this year's Streamy Awards when they stepped out arm-in-arm, much to the delight of the internet

Dodie Clark attended the Streamy Awards with fellow YouTuber Stevie Bobi on her arm. Dodie was nominated for an award, but sadly didn't win. However, all the awards were irrelevant when compared with the real focus of the night: how damn adorable Dodie and Stevie Boebi looked together.


They were 'prom king and queen'

Twitter went into meltdown the second these pictures were posted, with Anthony Amorim tweeting "YO DISNEY I FOUND YOUR NEXT PRINCESSES"

They were pictured together when Jon Cozart roasted Dodie, along with every other major YouTuber under the sun.

Stevie posted the picture too

Dare we infer some romantic vibes from these posts...? I mean, look at that caption ?


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Dodie also gave us some cool insights from the event

As well as stealing the show in a yellow gown (BuT Is IT DoROThy YELLO thO), Dodie also gave us a cool peek at what it's like to be a star at The Streamys:


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