Drew Gooden Went To The Team 10 Tour So You Don't Have To

12 June 2018, 11:39 | Updated: 12 June 2018, 11:49

drew gooden team 10 tour
Picture: YouTube: Drew Gooden
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Good show ahead? ...Uh I should hope it is.

Drew Gooden, YouTuber and former Viner (roadwork ahead, anyone?) has really taken one for the team.

Drew decided to make a video about the Team 10 Tour - asking the question we all want answered: "yeah but, what actually happens on a Team 10 tour? What do they actually do?"

But during the making of his video, Drew decided that simply talking about the tour was not enough, he had to see it for himself. So he dragged his long-suffering girlfriend along to one of Team 10's Florida shows to drink in the experience for himself.

And - hooboy. We don't want to state categorically that this tour is bad, but based on Drew's footage, it sure looks like the tour is... shall we say, 'quality challenged'. Highlights include Jake taking hours to appear on stage, the song 'It's Everyday Bro' being sung two whole times, a 'screaming contest' and a series of weird skits that mostly revolve around how rich Jake is.

Witness the madness for yourself, in Drew's very funny video: