This Dutch YouTube Show Is Literally All About Getting High For Science

20 January 2017, 14:25 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

The team behind Drugslab take it in turns every week to test the effects of a different drug - and it's all posted online.

We've talked a lot about some of the questionable garbage that has been all over YouTube's Trending page recently; so it's time we gave something a little bit more light-hearted a chance. So why not start with something that can educate us in the process? And, because it's Trump's inauguration today, why not just learn about some good ol' hard drugs to get us through?

Fortunately, Dutch YouTube show Drugslab can help us with all of these things.


Drugslab is an educational series (mostly in Dutch, but there's English captions if you need them), in which the three hosts - Nellie, Bastiaan and Rens - take turns testing various narcotics; everything from magic mushrooms to MDMA, all in the name of science. Over the course of each episode the sober host will interview the high host, asking them various questions and giving them simple tasks... all while the side effects of the drug keep on coming.

Drugs to test are often suggested by the audience in the comments, although the hosts do have their limits. Speaking to Vocativ, Rens admitted that he has sworn to avoid "any drugs that make you become an addict almost immediately", such as crystal meth or heroin.


But these guys aren't just taking drugs on camera for the sake of it; the channel is funded by BNN ( a public broadcaster in the Netherlands), as part of a greater series on sexuality and drugs called "Spuiten en Slikken" ("Shoot & Swallow").

So if you've ever been curious about the effects of certain drugs, and want to laugh at someone rolling in a controlled, safe environment; then check out this channel today.