Elijah and Christine Just ROASTED The Dolan Twins At The Streamys And People Are P*ssed

27 September 2017, 11:28 | Updated: 22 November 2017, 16:56

Jon Cozart Roasted Every YouTuber In A Song At The

By Josh Lee

See what Elijah and Christine had to say about the Dolan twins while accepting an award on their behalf

The shade was deep, dark and abundant at last night's Streamy Awards, and Elijah and Christine couldn't resist joining in the roasting.

While accepting the Creator of the Year award on behalf of the Dolan twins, the comedy duo managed to squeeze in a dig at the vloggers - but many of their fans haven't taken too kindly to it.

"I feel like honestly Me and Christine should just accept this one, because we're very similar to the Dolan twins," Elijah said. "We're both super-hot," he said, before Christine chimed in with "don't forget untalented!"

Watch the moment below:

However, quite a few fans were a little butt-hurt at the gag

"Come back when you host a show on MTV, win a Streamy, and inspire millions of people," one fan wrote on Twitter. Another said, "Don't ever call the Dolan twins untalented."

If you thought Elijah and Christine were savage, check out what Jon Cozart had to say about literally every YouTuber on earth during this Streamy Awards song.


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