Elijah Daniel Just Wrote A Gay Version Of The Bible And It Got Banned By Amazon

18 September 2017, 11:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Elijah Daniel Just Wrote A Gay Version Of The Bibl

By Josh Lee

Pope Francis is SHOOK.

The Gay Agenda is real, and Elijah Daniel is its commander in chief.

Just weeks after banning straight people from a town he became the mayor of, the YouTuber and @ Pack leader has inflicted yet another act of homosexual roguery upon the unsuspecting heterosexual world. But this time, he set his sights on something much bigger than a town - God himself.

On Friday, Elijah revealed that he was going to "rewrite the entire bible but change it to be gayer just to piss straights off." And lo and behold, two days later, The Bible... But Gayer was born. It also took Jesus Christ two days to rise from the dead. Coincidence? We think not...

Featuring all your favourite pop icons as saints, devils and even the big man himself, Elijah's new version of the bible reads like something from the depths of stan twitter. Check out the passage below, adapted from the story of Adam and Eve. In this version, Eve is Steve, God is Rihanna (of course) and Taylor Swift is Satan in the physical form of a snake (again, of course).

Elijah Daniel's gay bible has certainly got people talking.

While fans have seen the funny side of Elijah's newest literary work, some people have been offended by the blasphemy.

The Bible But Gayer soon started to climb the best-sellers charts on Amazon

By the early hours of 18th September, it had become the #1 Bible on Amazon

But then Amazon appeared to censor Elijah's version of the Bible.

Despite the book no longer being available to buy on Amazon, the Gospel According To Elijah has continued to spread. You can buy The Bible... But Gayer right here.

And check out some more hilarious extracts below:


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