Elijah Daniel Just Tweeted About An Amazing Instagram Hack And Now Everyone's Obsessed

26 September 2017, 10:16 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Elijah Daniel Just Tweeted About An Amazing Instag

By Josh Lee

Influence goals.

In just a few short months Elijah Daniel has gone from fringe social media star to bonafide, mainstream internet juggernaut. And nothing proves the 23-year-olds status as a top influencer than his ability to genuinely affect the popularity of products with a simple tweet.

On 22nd October, Elijah recommended an image editing app called Gudak, which he uses to create what he describes as his "edgy 90s pictures."

Sure enough, just four days later the app had shot up to the #1 trending App Store app, #2 photo/video app, and #14 app on the general App Store charts.

Of course, Elijah's had the Midas touch for a good while know. His erotic short story about Donald Trump entitled "The Billionaire and The Bellboy" became a best-selling novel, while he more recent rewriting of the Holy Bible (but gayer) was the top-selling version of the Bible on Amazon (until it got banned). Let's just hope he continues to use his powers for good.

What is Gudak cam?

Gudak turns our phone into a Disposable camera, just like the good old days that some of you may actually be too young to remember. You only get 24 shots every 12 hours, and then you have to wait three days to see the photos. The concept is based on getting photographers to trust their instincts, rather than take a billion attempts at the same shot. Plus, you can put super nice 90s-style photos on your Instagram.

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