Who Are "The @ Pack"? Meet Elijah Daniel's Answer To Team 10

7 September 2017, 12:41 | Updated: 22 November 2017, 16:57

Who Are "The @ Pack"? Meet Elijah Daniel's Answer

By Liam Dryden

Elijah Daniel just announced plans to unite his friends and fellow creators in their own "powerhouse group".

When it comes to YouTuber squads, Team 10 have been dominating screentime, trending topics, and yes, headlines, for quite some time. But it looks as though there might soon be a new group in town to reclaim YouTube notoriety. Meet "The @ Pack".

@ pack elijah and christine

Elijah Daniel has just announced plans to unite his own collective powerhouse of talent to rival Team 10.

Comedian, YouTuber and disgraced Mayor of Hell Elijah has formed the brilliantly named @ Pack; a play on Hollywood's Rat Pack and Brat Pack of days gone by. In his shady announcement Tweet, he promised "a collective of good people working together to create good things".

“We are launching a powerhouse group of talented individuals from all fields who want to help each other grow, not only as creators but as people," Elijah told TrendingAllDay. "Unlike Team 10, I don’t want a collective fuelled by fake drama and money, I want a group fuelled by creativity."

"This is so much more than YouTube, that isn’t even our focus."


So who's in the @ Pack?

Elijah is roping in some of his closest friends and collaborators to make his squad a reality. Life partner Christine Sydelko has already been confirmed, with storytime queen Tana Mongeau also pitching in:

Also confirmed are vlogger Corinna Kopf, comedian Chris Klemens,  and former "X Factor" contestant Bradlee Wannemacher. More names are rumoured to potentially join the collective; including Nathan Zed, James Charles and Trevor Moran.

We're definitely excited to see what this squad can do together; and to see more creativity and less drama dominating the headlines of the YouTube world.

Jake Paul: prepare to be shooketh.


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