Elijah Daniel's @ Pack Have Added Even More Creators To Their Squad

11 September 2017, 13:32 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Elijah Daniel's @ Pack Have Added Even More Creato

By Liam Dryden

Three more influential up and coming creators have pledged their allegiance...

So Elijah Daniel's talent collective, the @ Pack, is gaining a lot of momentum; and a lot of it is down to some of the amazing names they've added to their squad. Tana Mongeau, Christine Sydelko and Bradlee Wannemacher are just a few of the names already confirmed; but if some cryptic Tweets are anything to go by, the list is growing.

More names have been confirmed for the @ Pack.

It seems as though just tweeting "@" is a legally binding contract; because so far, everyone previously announced has confirmed their involvement in the "group fuelled by creativity" by dropping the cryptic symbol. But now, this includes three new additions: Vlogger Ashly Schwan, actor Brennen Taylor, and previously rumoured former X Factor contestant Trevor Moran.

The best thing about the @ Pack so far is there doesn't seem to be any major barrier to entry when it comes to how big a creator's audience is; Ashly has just 62,000 YouTube subscribers, while Brennen has 1.2 million. So it's obvious that creativity and fun are definitely the squad's priority.

Elijah Daniel confirmed that the full line-up will be announced this week.

We can't possibly imagine who else to expect; but we can't wait to see what this powerhouse has to offer the world.


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