Ella Grace Denton Opens Up About Relationships And Quitting YouTube

8 June 2016, 20:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

You NEED to see the cover!

To many, Ella Grace Denton is the YouTube sensation who came to their attention after her relationship with Jack Harries. However, the now 21 year old star has opened up to Blogosphere Magazine about her experience of having her relationship go viral and why she feels it's importat we all spend more time away from the online world.

Revealed as the cover star of the latest issue of Blogosophere Magazine, Ella gave an inspiring interview on her plans for the future and why she feels we need to live more.

"Being with someone who, first-hand had the real full experience of being an online star- having many women adore you and obsess of you - actually healed a lot of my issues surrounding jealousy with other women. It made me realise for these people to accept me, because they feel ownership over who I'm with, I needed to embody woman power and connect with them on that level" Ella told the magazine in relation to her time with Jack Harries.

Empowerment is a strong theme throughout Ella's entire interview with the magazine as she goes on to detail how veganism has helped her grow as a person and why putting out positive and inspiring content on her blog is of vital importance to her.

Of course, we couldn't mention the interview without showing you the incredible cover. In an interview littered with references to Ella's love of nature, it seems only fitting that the magazine shoot Ella in a beautiful nature inspired setting. Isn't it beautiful?

Blogosphere Magazine


Ella joins a whole host of incredible stars who have graced the cover of the title previously including Joe Sugg, Fleur de Force, Estee Lalonde and Lily Pebbles. Want to read the full interview? Be sure to pick up a copy of Blogosphere Magazine this month.