This Is The Most Emotional Fine Bros Video EVER - Here Is Why

31 May 2016, 14:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

It was only a matter of time before the Fine Bros got teens to react to the viral video by Em Ford (My Pale Skin) 'You Look Disgusting' video. For those who don't know, Em Ford became a viral success after producing a video of her with zero makeup on and then with a full face of makeup, alongside unbelievably cruel comments that she received on social media regarding her looks.  The incredibly moving video shows how YouTubers can bring attention to important subjects and create a conversation in a way that mainstream media are unable to.

Now there is no Fine Bros react video without a follow up of the YouTuber reacting to the react video of people reacting to them. You following?

em ford

The emotional video 'You Look Disgusting' highlights how cruel the online community can be and how living with acne effects your confidence and the way you are perceived. Getting teens to react the video was a smart move from the Fine Bros as many teens can relate to how Em feels and others may have once or twice made comments to someone who has trouble with their skin. The video was shown to 11 teens aged between 14 and 19 including a a mixture of boys and girls. Only a couple of the girls had seen the video before and LOVED it. It appears that none of the males had seen it before and were silent throughout the whole video (which is rare for a finebro video) whilst they let the video sink in you could tell they were mesmerised by Em and that the message really made them think.

Whilst watching teens react Em had tears in her eyes from start to finish. Em Ford's eyes light up when she realises "they get it!". The video gets really emotional when the teens then go on to thank Em for being so brave and showing herself at her most vulnerable and being the voice of so many people.

Watch Em react to teens react here:

Em from the YouTube channel My Pale Skin has received so much from support from viewers, journalists and fellow YouTubers. Dodie Clark commented on the most recent video giving her love and and how she shed a tear over the beautiful video.

The video that started it all:

We salute you Em Ford and think you are beautiful with or without makeup. Thank you for bringing awareness and encouraging the public to use the power of free speech more responsibly. Have you seen the video? Has it effected you?