Emma Blackery Just Got A Shout Out At The God Damn Apple Event And We're Shook

14 September 2017, 09:47 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Emma Blackery Just Got A Shout Out At The God Damn

By Josh Lee

Emma Blackery received the surprise of a lifetime on September 12th when the album art for her EP Magnetised appeared during a presentation for this Autumn's Apple event.

Millions of Apple fans worldwide tuned in to the presentation, which was live streamed from Cupertino, California. The cover art was given pride of place in between Lorde's "Green Light" and Daye Jack's "No Data".

Needless to say, Emma was completely taken aback when it happened. "What the fuck just fucking happened," she tweeted.

"I was completely shocked," Emma told BBC Newsbeat. "But I wish I had perhaps reserved myself and been a bit more eloquent and polite."

The shout out also created a few new Emma Blackery fans

"I had so many people tweeting me saying, 'I hadn't heard your music and I checked it out and I loved it'," she told NME. To have so many new listeners is such a privilege."

Here's hoping it leads to amazing things for Emma!

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