Emma Blackery Might Collab With This Huge Celebrity & It’s Kinda Unexpected

19 September 2017, 13:49 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Emma Blackery

By Josh Lee

This is MAJOR.

Emma Blackery is in talks to duet with none other than Paris Hilton, according to BANG showbiz.

While we've all known and loved Emma for a good long time now, her name became known in the mainstream after the artwork for her song Magnetised was shown during this month's Apple event. Shortly after the event Paris Hilton followed Emma on Twitter, and the talks began from there.

"I grew up watching all of the shows she used to have," Emma told BANG showbiz. "she is an icon [her following me] was one of the highlights of the day."

And of course Emma is keen to make music with the hotel heiress and DJ.

"If she is down for releasing a song together, her people can talk to my people. That would be nice," she said.

Shortly after the interview was published, Paris tweeted out a link to the story - perhaps suggesting that she's into the idea too!

But according to Emma, any possible collaboration is still "all up in the air and everything."

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